April Fools!

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Happy April Fools Day everyone! I hope you enjoy this day as much as I do. This year I had three people in mind to prank, so I decided to share the three simple and harmless pranks I planned.



First I decided to pretend to spill a bottle of nail polish onto a favorite furniture piece. This is super simple. Just take a bottle of nail polish and spill it over wax paper. Once its dry, peel it off the paper and you are ready to go! Tip: Depending on the type of nail polish this might take days to dry naturally, so plan ahead.



For my next target I decided to make their faucet water come out looking blood red. To do this all you need to do is unscrew the cap of the faucet (I just used my fingers, but a wrench/pliars might be needed). Then dry off the cap and the inside of the faucet with a paper towel. Place a red dye tablet (or the color of your choice), from the box of an easter egg dying kit, on top of the cap then screw it back on, and you are done! Tip: This effect only lasts 30s to a min. For a longer effect add multiple dye tablets



Lastly I went with a classic. Simply putting an important item of your target’s and place it in jello. All you need to do is make the jello as instructed. Then let it cool about 1/4 of the way, so that it is somewhat thickened, and place in your item. I used keys, but any water safe item will do! Wait until it is completely thickened and place where they are sure to find it. Tip: Use a comical jello mold to take the prank to the next level.

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